Fondant Lion
Open as printable a .pdf file.

Start with 8 1/2 oz of fondant or gumpaste.
Color 5 1/2 oz yellow for the body and 1 oz orange for the mane. I used Wilton Buttercup Yellow with a tiny bit of Americolor Lemon Yellow to color the body and Americolor Super Red, Americolor Lemon Yellow and Wilton Buttercup Yellow for the mane.

Divide your pieces up as follows:
Head – 1 ¼ oz
Body - 2oz
2 Bottom legs – ½ oz each
2 - top legs – 3/8 oz each
There will be a little left over for the muzzle, ears and optional tail (not shown)

You will also need a tiny piece of black for the eyes and mouth and approx ½ oz of pink for the nose, insides of ears and pads of the paws. Roll out body, head and legs, make cone shaped and flatten out the larger end – this is where the paws are.

1. Shape the arms and legs to fit the body but let all the pieces dry a little (30 – 60 min.) before you glue them together. Otherwise you lion will slump and look kind of fat and wide.

2. This is what the arms will look like in the back of the lion.

3. Shape muzzle into a soft sided triangle and glue on using glue of your choice - water, tylose glue or royal icing are all fine.

4. Pinch off a small piece of orange to place in front of mane. Roll remaining orange into a sausage. Wrap around and glue to lions head. Place the small piece you pinched off in front.

5. Make small holes for eyes and belly button.

. Shape a small piece of black for a mouth and let dry. Roll tiny little balls of pink for the pads of the paws and glue them on.


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